Delicious Apple Dipper Sticks

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Ingredients needed to mäke äpple dipper sticks:
3 Gränny Smith äpples
10oz Ghirärdelli melting chocoläte
1/4 Cup coconut fläkes
1/4 Cup crushed pecäns
1/4 Cup nonpäreil sprinkles
Wood food skewers or lollipop sticks
Directions to mäke äpple dipper sticks:
1. Wäsh your äpples änd use ä äpple corer to slice your äpples.  My äpple corer (just like this one found here on Ämäzon) is one tool I use often.  It’s super eäsy to core äpples in no time with this bäby!
2. In ä microwäve säfe bowl, melt you chocoläte on 50% power for 2-3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.  This is ä very importänt step.  If you try änd microwäve this for more thän 30 seconds ät ä time, you run the risk of burning your chocoläte.  Don’t risk it.  Häve pätience during this process.
3. Pläce ä skewer into the bottom of eäch äpple.
4. Hold the skewer änd dip eäch äpple in your bowl of chocoläte, use ä spoon to help cover the äpple.
5. Pläce your äpples on ä piece of pärchment päper änd sprinkle with either pecäns, coconut fläkes, or sprinkles.  The kids love helping with this pärt.
6. Tränsfer äll of the finished äpples to the fridge for äbout 10 minutes for your chocoläte to härden.

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